Things To Know About Electronic System For Travel Authorization (ESTA).

Electronic system for travel authorization (ESTA) is an automated system that gives visitors who are found to be eligible the permit to travel to the United States under the Visa waiver program (VWP). Being an automated process, every stage of application for ESTA is entirely done online having no physical documentation to be used at any stage. Learn more about ESTA USA. Therefore an individual’s data is automatically cross-checked with a number of databases which is what the prevailing authority get to determine whether or not to give approval to an individual.

This travel authorization is different from getting a visa hence each has different processes and gives different terms and conditions. For electronic system for travel authorization, once one has done an application they are informed of the approval status within 24 hours via an email. Once the application is done, there are three different responses that are expected to be given. One of the responses is authorization approved which means that your ESTA is approved and hence you are able to use it immediately to travel. The other response could be on authorization pending which indicates that the process is going through second stage of verification where one is to receive a final decision mainly within 72 hours. The other response could be travel not authorized which means that one has not been found legible to be permitted to travel.

Once an individual’s ESTA is approved it becomes valid for 2 years which begins on the day one gets approval. The ESTA is usually tied to ones passport therefore, an individual should ensure that the passport is also valid within the duration of time that the ESTA is to serve them. Once the ESTA has expired it cannot be renewed but one can reapply for another one as many times as they wish.

There are instances that an individual may wish to verify their ESTA status. Some of these instances include when one has when you are a group of people what to travel and some are not certain about the status of their travel authorization, you are unsure of your own ESTA status or you have forgotten your confirmation number. Get more details on how to update ESTA. This is possible to do by completing an online form for checking existing ESTA status which mainly takes about 72 hours to get the verification. Once the verification is done an individual is able to receive an email indicating their status of via travel authorization. Learn more from

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